3 April, 18:36
 On March 28, 2013, in Kyiv, journalist of TV 2+2 Eugene Agarkov was attacked by the husband of deputy director of the Kyiv Higher School of Sewing and Hairdressing. The incident occurred at the school, when the journalist filmed on his phone the huge icicles that were hanging on the building, TSN reported.
3 April, 18:35
 On March 22, 2013, in Kyiv, police officers tried to withdraw the server of Censor.net Internet.

"The police came into the data center and demanded to give them our server. The police referred to the resolution in the Unified Registry of pre-trial investigations # 12013110010002834 of March 18, "- the Internet-edition reported. However, they did not show any relevant documents.

3 April, 18:34
 On March 22, 2013, in Cherkassy, fighters of Berkut special force and unknown persons did not allow journalists to a session of the Cherkassy Oblast Council, Maydan reported.

Oppositional MPs blocked the rostrum in the Cherkassy Oblast Council, demanding to hear the report of Cherkassy Oblast State Administration head Serhiy Tulub.

3 April, 18:34
 On March 26, 2013, journalists of "Agents of Influence" program of NTN television Oleksiy Lakhnenko and Stas Kotyk were filming an interview with a local judge in Glukhivsky District Court of the Sumy Oblast, when there arrived the police and tried to interrogate them. NTN project manager NTN Vladyslav Sydorenko publicized this information in his blog on Telekritika.
3 April, 18:33
 On March 26, 2013, representatives of the media were not allowed at the meeting of the Parliamentary Budget Committee, which was due to consider the redistribution of 1.7 billion, "Interfax-Ukraine" reported.

Despite the statements of first deputy chairman of the parliamentary budget committee Oksana Kaletnyk, who said that the press should be present at the meeting, parliament guards and the press service representatives did not let journalists at the meeting.

3 April, 17:02
On February 21, 2013, the Hostomel village council of Kyiv Oblast decided to censor publications of local journalist Olena Zhezhera and national deputy assistant Mykhaylo Leznyk. Iryna Fedoriv, journalist and member of local council, wrote this on her blog on Ukrayinska Pravda.
1 April, 16:02
 A Ukrainian journalist who escaped last week after five months in captivity in Syria
1 April, 16:00
 On March 21, 2013, in Kramatorsk, local journalists were not allowed at the meeting on the creation of condominium partnerships (OSBB). At the same time, representatives of municipal press entered the meeting without any problems, "East Option" reported.

22 March, 13:47
 On March 20, 2013, Tyasmin printing house refused to print Nova Molod Cherkaschyny newspaper, Dzvin Internet-edition reported.
20 March, 18:22
 The church enjoys the biggest trust of Ukrainians among social institutions, and 63.8% of respondents trust it one way or another, according to a survey conducted by the sociological service of the Razumkov Center. 
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